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Bre Soars with Pet Cemetery and Does a Great Chair Leap

Jul 1, 2024

I have my liiiiisst of needed images from Lilli. The two today I had already begun working on – Bre singing Dance in the Graveyard, and then in Bitch of Living outdoing everyone with her chair leap – I have the whole thing in three stages as she came down. Cool. The gargantuan foldbaack speakers litterintg the front of the stage were a monstrous issue, but it is what it is.

This was a major production, and fast moving. There are a lot of images. While I catch up on my sleep I think I’ll organize selections according to numbers listed in the program – at least I’ll know where I am (except of course the few posted so far)… At the same time I’ll try to put together a public collection of the color exposures on Flickr – not easy to organize images shot with two different cameras on three different nights.