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Tara Vin – Mama Who Bore Me

Jul 8, 2024

Tara Vin, who has taken her theatrical efforts to New York, came back to rejoin Rogue Swan for their 10th Anniversary Vaudeville. This is the young lady that wowed us by singing stirring versions of both Strange Fruit and Suddenly Seymore in the same performance. Here, accompanied by Nate on Guitar, she sings “Mama Who Bore Me” from Spring Awakening. Darn that spotlight was bright… sound and lighting seem to be the two things that cause the most issues as the group moves from venue to venue. On top of that, even when the lighting is exactly what is wanted/needed, it usually presents a new challenge for me – one reason to be there feeling things out as soon as they can get the stage.

Lilli picked out two of these, I added a third – even tho in it Nate was holding his guitar pick in his mouth and it had to be carefully removed…

Working on April Monique’s belly dance with veil for next time…