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IMAGE INFO. – Please see About the Artist, above, for information about Cameras, lenses and equipment.

THE PRINTS: Each image is an original, printed by the artist on a large format, fine-art printer with the newest Ultrachrome K3 pigmented inks.

          IMAGE SIZE – Given sizes are simply those originally printed. Many have bee printed much larger (or smaller). Please contact the artist about sizes other than listed.            

     •     IMAGE DATE – I place two dates on the reverse of each image. The first is the exposure date (©). The second is the creation date of the particular original print.

     •     PRINT NUMBERING – Images are numbered sequentially as printed. Each print is an original work of art, I do not limit editions. I reserve the right to make changes and improvements. Because both the final product and the print medium are so different, images that were previously printed in the darkroom are numbered beginning again with number one, with a “N” placed after the number “#1 (N)”.


     •     MOUNT – Dry-mount on acid-free foam-core

     •     MAT – 100% Rag, off-white

     •     ANECDOTE – matching anecdote from book is printed and attached to back of each mounted Easter Island Print

     •     FRAMES – Exhibition quality black metal sectionals. They are satin black, a full inch deep with a 13/32” overlap. The finish and the design create a classic look that improves on other metal designs, assuming the classic line of wood while avoiding the distracting chunkiness.

About the Images and Purchasing


          PRICES – Pricing is set according to size, with an allotment for cost of mounting and matting. I try to keep my prices affordable.

          FRAME PRICE – is as close to cost as I can safely set it. Much less than most people would frame work for in this type of frame. Work purchased without frame will be discounted 20%

          SALES – Images are original fine-art prints made with great care. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a purchase, return it undamaged within 30 days for a full refund. Better, if for any reason you dicide that you would rather be looking at a different print, I will gladly replace the one in your frame with another of your choosing.

          PayPal / VISA / MC


Standard imensions of work are included along with the description.

Pricing is by Framed Dimensions. Guide below:

Sizes posted are those I use for exhibit. Sizes others than those posted are available, including image measurements, in some cases, up to 24x30.

Standard Sizes

LARGE           $290          Frame: 26x32                        

                                         Frame: 20x48               

                                         Frame: 20x48

MEDIUM          $225        Frame: 22x26                      

                                         Frame: 20x28       

                                         Frame: 14x36

SMALL            $100        Frame: 14x14

Misc. Odd Sizes

$270           Frame: 22x32

$190           Frame: 22x22

$180          Frame: 18x26

$175          Frame: 18x24

$170          Frame: 18x22      with 12x16 image

$150          Frame: 18x22      with 10.5x14 image

$125          Frame: 16x18


Any image, or combination of images, can be ordered in miniature through RiverView Gallery. Generally only local scenes are stocked.