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              Easter Island ~ Isla de Pascua ~ Rapa Nui  ~ Land of the giant statues… . This series of images is the result of over a year on the most isolated island on the planet, followed by repeated visits over the following decade. Click on a thumbnail for a larger view. Created as full-size exhibit pieces, the first 98 can now be found in my book “The Moon has Been Eaten”, each accompanied by an anecdote. Original prints are sold with a copy of its book anecdote on the back. iPad optimized PDF versions of both volumes of the book are downloadable free on my "Downloads" page here. Images on Page s 5-6-7 are in volume two of The Moon has been Eaten.

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Easter Island ~ Rapa Nui ~ Isla de Pascua

*Given print sizes are those of initial printing – some have been printed smaller and much larger.