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Havre de Grace Performance

my favorites – print ready

Havre de Grace Street and Performance is an ongoing project, rife with mini-projects. Related blog postings, with text and all images, are initially collected into Albums on the Blog Albums page. This is not all that time consuming – postings are easily saved as PDFs and then drag-drop combined.

The Havre de Grace Folio gathers my favorites from these collections. The Folio is subdivided into the two categories, Street and Performance – Performance being limited to on-stage formal events, while Street includes any street performer images.


Wind Up Toy • Duke Thompson

Who's Afraid of Virginia Wold

Moonshine Hafla

April Monique, Luvlee, Amartia, Kaela, Lorelei,    , Aliceana, Azyra

Rogue Swan

at Artists Emporium

Vaudeville - Opera House

Strange Case - Opera House

Burns Festival - State Theater

• Under Construction…