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Havre de Grace Street

* Anyone who finds themselves depicted or has a connection to one of these can have a copy sized 8.25x11 mounted and matted 11x14 – free.

Additional copies just $20 – this is a community thing

+ I stock nice black economy frames that I can include for $10

Simply contact me so I can arrange for it to be picked up at RiverView Gallery in town. Check out RiverView Gallery for my regular work, including full-size versions of some of these. At some point I may have to revise the above offer.

Rogue Swan

The local vaudeville group let me into a rehearsal for their upcoming appearance at the Opera House. Related blog posting: A Couple of Rehearsal Shots April 18 2018

Duke and Friends

Christmas Show

December at the Opera House. Shots of Duke Thompson at the Piano and Jimmyo on drums. Blog posting: Holly Jolly Christmas… Dec. 19 2017

First Snow 2017

Our first real snow of the year. I snapped these few shots and posted a couple of them in the blog posting - First Snow, Snow Walker Dec. 11 2017

Christmas Parade Dec…

Havre de Grace loves them some night time parades. It's different, but fun. Here ar a few shots. Blog: Havre de Grace Christmas Parade… Dec 7, 2017.

First Friday Sept

If anything, I'm finding more to shoot with each one of these, not less. Blog posting: Sept. First Friday in H de G… Sept 14, 2017

First Friday August

Just got a quick run-thru this time, but nabbed two of my favorite First Friday shots (this one and the street painter with socks. Posting: August First Friday… Aug. 28, 2017.

Rogue Swan December

at The Artists Emporium. Related blog posting: Rogue Swan Portraits  January 5 2018.

Rogue Swan July

These performances are free and worth attending. Related Blog posting: Rogue Swan at the Artists Emporium… July 9, 2017.


I post a montage of five shots of a neighbor's granddaughter who says the camera doesn't like her – she's wrong. Blog: Joelle… June 5, 2017.

Wind Up Toy

Alice Cooper Tribute… October at the Opera House, wow, wow. Blog Postings: Anatomy of a Rock Shoot I… and Anatomy of a Rock Shoot II… Nov. 4 & 8, 2017

First Friday July

First Friday continues to provide a lot to see and do. Related blog posting: July First Friday – Street Painting… July 9, 2017.


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Pirate Fest

Interesting little celebration at the local canal Lock House Museum. Blog posting: Recovery, Pirates and What's New… July 3. 2017.

First Friday May

The crowd, the music, the food!! Had to park practically in Aberdeen. Blog posting: First First Friday of the Year… May 9, 2017

R.R. Bridge

A couple of early morning views of the old R.R. Bridge in town crossing the Susquehanna.

First Friday May

Some nice shots before the rain hit and put a damper on any plans to do much low light shooting. From First Friday in May May 18.

People starting to pick up their freebies - cool.

Vaudeville Cabaret…

Rogue Swan's grand performance at the Opera House. Images from Two Images of April Monique - April 25 and Rogue Swan's Vaudeville Cabaret - May 29.

First Friday April

I was worried abut the weather when they added April in the mix. Also see blog posting: Images from our First First Friday of 2018.

Havre de Grace Street


Unified Jazz Ensemble

During Frist Friday in June, HC Cultural Arts Board sponsored a performance of jazz at the Opera House, launching Artists in the Library for the month of June. From Unified Jazz Ensemble June 4.

First Friday June

In spite of excruciating pain from being stuck wearing the wrong shoes, I got a few shots. From posting First Friday in June 2018.