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Havre de Grace Street

* Anyone who finds themselves or immediate family depicted in one of these can have a copy sized 8.25x11 mounted and matted 11x14 – free this is a community project (I stock economy frames that I can supply for $10).

Additional copies or for others $45 (kids shots for family members only)

Simply contact me so I can arrange for it to be picked up at RiverView Gallery in town. Check out RiverView Gallery for my regular work, including full-size versions of some of these.

The IF YOU SEE YOURSELF OR IMMEDIATE FAMILY TAKE IT display is now in RiverView Gallery in town.

Rogue Swan

The local vaudeville group let me into a rehearsal for their upcoming appearance at the Opera House. Related blog posting: A Couple of Rehearsal Shots April 18 2018


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First Friday May

Some nice shots before the rain hit and put a damper on any plans to do much low light shooting. From First Friday in May May 18.

People starting to pick up their freebies - cool.

Vaudeville Cabaret…

Rogue Swan's grand performance at the Opera House. Images from Two Images of April Monique - April 25Rogue Swan's Vaudeville Cabaret - May 29.

First Friday April

I was worried abut the weather when they added April in the mix. Also see blog posting: Images from our First First Friday of 2018.


Unified Jazz Ensemble

Frist Friday in June, HC Cultural Arts Board sponsored performance of jazz at the Opera House, . From Unified Jazz Ensemble June 4.

First Friday June

In spite of excruciating pain from being stuck wearing the wrong shoes, I got a few shots. From posting First Friday in June 2018.

Pirate Fest

Gets better all the time, great for the kids. I add a couple of shots to my Pirate Fest collection, especially the canon firing. From Pirate Fest.

2017 Havre de Grace Street Images – Grouped

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First Fridays in…


Pre 2017 Stuff…

• Includes a couple of Havre de Grace Marina shots and a pair form an earlier First Friday

First Friday July

I had to split a First Friday into two blog postings: Lots of shots in here: From:  First Friday in July – Part I (Cliff Giles' Drum Circle) • First Friday in July – Part II

First Friday in… May

First Post • Jet Blaq

Wilde Window Portraits

iPhone series

From Blog postings:

8-13 8-24 9-39-139-189-2510-11 •   10-14  

Rogue Swan August 4

At Artists Emporium. From three blog postings:

• Suddenly Seymour Aug. 6

• Two More from Rogue Swan Last Weekend

• Group Shot from Last

First Friday in Sept.

Fresh from surgery so I couldn't spend too long out there. Did get a few shots though. From: First Friday in September 2018.

Moonshine Hafla

In the Black Box at the Opera House. Blog postings: Moonshine Hafla 10-2 and More Moonshine Hafla10-5.

First Friday October

Just two shots here, but I like them. Threat of rain kept many functions and attendees at bay, plus it was getting dark early.