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Moonshine Hafla belly dance performances in the black room of the local Opera House, organized by April Burril, aka April Monique. Complete blog postings, with all of the images and text from 2017 into 2020, are combined into a PDF album on the Blog Albums page.

These are a challenge. It's a small, crowded room with lighting set to the performances, not for taking pictures – it's an adventure. Some of the dancers, so far, have performed only once, others a number of times, enabling more folio images. Grouped by performer:

In Order: April Monique, Luvlee, Amartia, Kaela, Lorelei, Regina, Phoenix, Aliceana, Hanna Aisha, Kimala Nar, Mariza, Naimah Loren, Azyra

7x9 original print, matted 8x10, free to subject on request (12x16 discounted)