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A FEW TRICKS TO USE IN PHOTOGRAPHING 2D ART – updated version – In Joelle

June 5 2017  – Download as PDF

Viewing and Shooting in B&W – and My Camera Evolution – Shooting in B&W instead of simply converting, and I switch camera systems to Fuji X-T2… In BirdmanMonday Feb 13 2017

Home-Made Mat Cutting System – inexpensive, easy, convenient…

Saturday Jan 21 2017 Repost

Upgrading and old MacBook ProGain in speed of about 2.5X  – plus a second HD

Wednesday June 24, 2015

Easy, Classy Exhibit Labels and My Secret Weapon in the field – using old business cards… and  a nine inch foldable step stool… Nov 11, 2013

3D Light Box – Inexpensive, foldable and portable unit for shootin those pesky 3D pieces…Oct 21, 2013

Outgassing – an explanation, cure and prevention… Oct 14, 2013

Notes from a Negative and Slide Scanning Marathon – hey, somebody had to do it and map out the process… Sep 9, 2013

Art Shoot – my portable system for professionally photographing art, including framed and behind glass, for files suitable for everything including fine-art gliclee prints / non portable version and tips for those really tough assignments… Aug 12, 2013

Custom Artists Studio Work Table – Sturdy, cheap and easy… May 16, 2011

Not yet in blog:

The Ultimate Family History Album – getting it right. A year in the works, but well worth it… done in Aperture. For doing this in MyPublisher.

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