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iPhone Apps for Photographers and Artists Update in More First Friday in May images… May 2019

USB-C, aka Thunderbolt 3 – connecting USB via Converter WARNING in First Friday in May Part II

Hard Bound Painting Record Book – Easier than it Looks, Fun and Rewarding – An Updated How-To. March 2019

First use of New Light Tent – In "Still Waiting" – an New Annegarn Piece –  Feb 2019

Quick Fix for iPhone Image Numbering when Shooting RAW + JPEG

Includes X-T3 and Infinity Publisher notes. Sept 7 2018

Outgassing an explanation, cure and prevention… –UPDATED 8/11/2018

I use a new Easter Island image to Expand a Little on YouTube photographer Jamie Windsor's 9 Quick Tips for BETTER BLACK & WHITE Photos July 20, 2018

Flattening Roll-paper Prints – Simple trick using an empty paper roller • February 6, 2018

Cutting Down Aluminum Frames – Jan 15 2018

• How-to's below have been converted to linked individual PDFs:

Photographing 2-Dimensional art, even behind glassoriginallhy posted June 5 2017

Home-Made Mat Cutting System inexpensive, easy, convenient… Saturday Jan 21 2017 Repost

Custom Artists Studio Work Table – Sturdy, cheap and easy… Originally posted May 16, 2011

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