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Pushin’ the Rock



                    and Rants

The Havre de Grace Art Show 2018in The Weather Complimented the Show – Torturous Monday August 20, 2018

FUJI X-T20 Quick Reviewin Mini-me and the Beast Wednesday July 18, 2018

Cutting Down Aluminum FramesModel 534 Hacksaw Mitre Box Jan 15 2018

REVIEW: Bay Photo Books vs MixBook vs MyPublisher (now defunct) – Monday Oct. 9, 2017

MixBook – for B&W Photo Books – a Tale of two Failures Tuesday Sep. 12 2017

Holy Shuttershock Batman – it's Fujiman geting to know my new Fuji X-T2 system (in Moon over Maunga 2) Monday Feb 19 2017

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