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A Different Take on Red Riding Hood

Nov 20, 2019

This posting is for Katie. I knew this would be an important shot for her, so I leaned on the shutter a little. Later I narrowed the results down to eight, getting Nan to help get it down to three. Even shot very close together, the lighting was flashing so different that I had to work all three up most of the way before choosing.

Then I compared my results to the version from dress rehearsal, where Katie had left the makeup on from previous scenes – that waas supposed to be removed by this point in the show. Heck I don't know, maybe for the B&W it works better. It's all up to Katie at this point. Here's the dress rehearsal version again – I set up to print maybe once a month, as soon as I find which one is preferred, I'll put it on the list.

Hey, from what I hear it's likely that The Strange Case of Rogue Swan will be performed again next year – in a different venue. Us? Heck yeah, we'll go see it.