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April and Mya Dance Macabre Routine – fun and games at ISO 12800

Nov 26, 2019

I'm trying to get these out in pairs. There are a number left in the to-do folder to work up – then I'll review the exposures again to make sure nothing was missed. Wow, Nan is busy getting out all the Christmas stuff and I'm still working out Halloween. Arrrrrg.

These two are, of course, April and Mya in their sort of dance macabre during the performance. They were both a nightmare to work up – twice I quit and started over again with the one above. No darkening of anything here, the lighting was that low. Ergo the ISO of 12800, for both of these. That's right, a whopping 12800 ISO and from the back of the theater, pretty insane actually. Try milking something reasonable out of one of those. The image below added to the complications by being cropped from a horizontal – I truely must be a masochist. Hey guys, why don’t you dim the lights a little more, lets go for the gold - iso 25600.


Working on these local performance images sent me back to my Easter Island exposures and my body of work with Rapanui performing on their outdoor stage set up at Tapati. It's early to mention it, but I'm loading images into a work folder to, maybe on long winter days, add to my Island folio on line. I find that I'm seeing more in those shots than before – could make for some interesting additions. And if it adds up to any volume at all, I could put together a third Easter Island eBook.