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Nan's Painting Record – Volume 3. How many points do I get for this?

Nov 21, 2019

AN OTHER PEOPLES ART POSTING. At the end of 2006 I put together a book record of Nan's paintings to date – this plus the printable database I set up for her on her iPad eliminated the awful collection of prints, slides, notes, etc. that had accumulated over the years. Then at the end of 2009, after the Easter Island paintings, I updated with a second volume. Now I've done volume 3, her paintings from the decade running from 2010 through this year. Done early for two reasons – she never paints during the Christmas season AND one of the places I get the books printed had a flash sale that let me get it for fifty bucks. Everyone should have seen me hustling to finish up the file in time.

These are primarily for her record, although they are left out in her studion for anyone to browse through. The only information given with the pictures (no frame in the view) is title, medium and size. The books are 8.5X11 inches, allowing for pretty large printing. Most of the economy book printers on line do a pretty good job of this kind of thing, so it's not that expensive. One just needs to get good images, spend a little time on layout, etc. and then wait for a good sale opportunity – a half price opportunity WILL arise. When you create an account for on-line creation of the book, you get on their mailing list and will receive weekly offers ranging from 20 to 50% off. This particular flash sale lasted a few hours and was well over 60% because it was the one I was waiting for, free pages – you pay for every page over twenty so the more pages you have the bigger the discount.

I did give very large paintings almost a full page, downsizing for smaller paintings – the spread below shows a small painting on the left and a small diptich on the right.

Her accompanying iPad database is Tap Forms – complete, simple and printable. Nan hates computers and actually has fun with it.