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There's Possessed, and Then There's Possessed

Nov 18, 2019

I noticed during rehearsals for the Halloween show that Katie seemed to want everyone to express their own kind of demons. This made it interesting to watch the characters emerge. Above, Jesse sings "I am Pure Evil" – and looks it. Below, Alex, part of the band sports his mechanical arm and a smile that doesn't quite qualify as a smile. I'd hate to choose which one I would want to run into on a dark street.

Next I'm working on Katie and Nate from the Little Red riding Hood number. I have one good shot from dress rehearsal but there Katie left the demonic makeup on that was supposed to come off just before that point. For the B&W, it really works. But I thought I'd better do up the real thing – which turned out to be tricky. I found so many that I liked that I had to have Nan trip the list down to three. I'll try to work them up by Wednesday.