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Howl, Creep(?) and Ladies of the Nightmare

Dec 1, 2019

I still say these three would make great Three Witches of Eastwick. The second image, below is Katie, after being sewed back together, singing a delaying number. Still a mystery to me is the title of the number listed on the playbill – Creep. Prior to this was my favorite line in the performance – Lilli is telling Mary Cate what they are going to have Katie do to help them and is reminded that Katie was torn apart in the Crypt. Lilli responds: "Oh, we can fix that". Of course, she hadn't quite figured that part out as yet.

The final image today I call "Ladies of the Nightmare". The nightmare to me was, because of the different colored lights, having to select out each and every one of them so they could be dealt with separately. The improvement in the overall effect was subtle, but important to me.

What I'm attempting at this point is to finish these up by including at least one good performance shot from each number listed in the playbill, making sure to cover everyone in the cast and band. That should make for a pretty cool little eBook thingie to put out there for download. It is a little daunting that most things that are a lot of fun to do are also an awful lot of work.

Archives Adjustment with this posting…

With so many postings this year server space is filling up again. Fortunately it doesn't hurt to chop a body of postings off the archive since postings are also grouped by subject matter on the Havre de Grace Street page, as well as in PDFs of the time period on the Archives page – off to the side. The six months from January through June of this year have now come off the end of the Archive and into PDF format.