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Best Knees!? – Burns Night at the State Theater

Jan 31, 2020

While we were awaiting the Rogue Swan performance at the State Theater, there was an interesting competition for "best knees" among kilt-wearing patrons. I fired off a couple of shots and thought I'd post them. We know a couple of the people pictured, but not all. So I would definitely appreciate it if someone wold provide that information.

Again, the lighting was atrocious, and a larger than usual number shots were unmanageable. And even though a lot of people were using their phones for color images and people have seen most of this by now, I nthought I'd do up a couple of close-ups. They also contribute to my running portrait of Havre de Grace and its various communities. Otherwise these are presented without comment, other than: what a raucous, fun bunch.


The next Moonshine Hafla is right around the corner – looking forward to it. At the same time it looks like I'll be shooting one rehearsal for the upcoming performance of Chicago at the Milburn Stone theater in Cecil County – having no idea as to what I might be permitted to use for my B&W.


Beginning work on the HAVRE DE GRACE FOLIO page…

Folios are basically "fine print" listings. Easy to define as long as I focused primarily on scenics, with the Blog postings functioning as more of a project journal. That has evolved – with the focus on Havre de Grace and local performance. It has become a venu for, along with showing what I consider "fine print" candidates, whatever it might take to tell the story, potentially in an eBook.

I am just now beginning the job of mining recent Blog postings for images for this Folio – working out where to draw the line between the whole set of images and those featured in the Folios. A torturous, head banging process.


Sometimes, in a first, second or even third look at a series of exposures, I can overlook a promising image. This is one reason I will occasionally revisit sets of exposures. I've even come up with a new work that I really like years, or even decades, after the original exposure. So, it's not surprising that, at the same time I'm working on the Havre de Grace Folio page I'm taking another crack at teh over thirty thousand Easter Island exposures – concentrating on their community participation performances, mostly outdoors.