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One from the Ice Festival – and some catch-up

Jan 21, 2020

Along with far more people than I expected, I braved the biting cold, rain and wind the first day of this year's Ice Festival in town. Needless to say, there wasn't much to point the camera at. The second day was clear, and much more crowded – I arrived late and had to park far too far away for, still, chilly wind. I was heck-bent to add to my collection of fun street shots. The image above is my favorite – this little girl was having a grand time. Wow, it's great to be shooting in real light again, with ISOs lower than 3200-6400!

In a few of days I'll post a couple more images – I'm using the rest of this posting for some catch-up. Then, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday, the finale to a project I've been working on since Halloween – the eBook PDF of Rogue Swan's The Strange Case of Rogue Swan project. Just waiting for them to send me a part of the Playbill to include.

SITE UPDATE – ARCHIVES – the 2019 PDF is now complete and posted on the ARCHIVES page (link is at bottom of the Home Page).

It simply becomes necessary to condense postings into PDFs by year, due to increasing size of the working site file, reducing the number of actual postings in Archives.


Being a B&W photographer, and OK - something of a purist, I have little tolerance for toning of the image (sepia, etc.). That being said, I was playing around with some split-toning settings on a couple of the Rogue Swan performance B&Ws – and came up with one combination I actually found interesting: blue on the shadows and sepia on the highlights (blue/sepia split-toning). When Nan walked into the room you would have thought I had baby Yoda on the screen.

So I tried the combination on a few more images. Ouch. The minute these become a group of images, the whole effect becomes a negative rather than an interesting positive. Without comment I showed Nan, and she instantly realized that something that looked at first glance to be so promising was a total bust when extended to more than one.

I had mixed feelings about including one, but this one I still like – Jess Langley from The Strange Case of Rogue Swan:

…That was fun, now back to work…

and then there’s MOBY DICK

I finally re-read Melville's Moby Dick. The first time I was only 18, which I realize now is far too young to appreciate it. Definitely a long, difficult read – but well worthy of the considerable effort. For anyone considering it, I have a couple of bits of advice: Inform your relatives and friends that you will be spending a considerable amount of time away from them, and lost in thought when there at all. Also, read it digitally – available free. The ability to consult the dictionary on every other page, at a minimum, just by tapping a word really speeds things up. Then there are the almost equal number of times you will be looking up terms, historical references and names on the internet – again, available at a tap.   Phenomenal!