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The Strange Case of Rogue Swan – eBook PDF, Finally

Jan 23, 2020

Becasue of a combination of the holidays, catching up on things around home and reading Moby Dick, I just finished up my Halloween project – the PDF eBook record of Rogue Swan's The Strange Case of Rogue Swan. Covering the process from first rehearsal through the final performance. It is posted on my Blog Albums page for download by anyone who is interested. Also, here's a direct link – of course it's free:

The Strange Case of Rogue Swan project 2019 (PDF eBook)

OK, its a little large, about 100mb, but it contains well over a hundred images and is optimized for iPad, etc. On an iPad or reader it works just like a book – although snappier looking. When they open on a computer screen, they can be much larger – and the pages scroll down instead of turning like pages. Images are high enough resolution to allow for some enlarging on screen, including finger-spreading on iPad (a higher resolution version is available).

There are a number of ways to get the file to the iPad. I simply dragged it into my iCloud, opened it in my Files folder on the iPad, from there opened it into Books, and in Books copied to Books (otherwise it will remain in files and just open to Books. It can also be added via a USB stick.

Above is the cover/title page. Below is the second page – cast photos from the Playbill by April Monique:

This was an exhausting but rewarding project, and a lot of fun. Thank you Katie Gordon and Rogue Swan for the opportunity.