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February Hafla – Havre de Grace's Luvlee and Brazilian Dancer Hanna Aisha

Feb 7, 2020

Luvlee (aka Jessica Lee) – another local girl – did some of the early Haflas but skipped most of last year. She's back, and making for some great shots. Part of that (only part) was her very good on her 40s cinema hair-do to match the jazz theme. It really looked good on her, Nan remarked on that a couple of times. And, even though an earlier shot of her is among my favorites – wearing a man's hat in sort of a Victor/Victoria look – she's reportedly not all that fond of it herself (maybe for the same reasons). Anyway Luvlee is above and the first couple below.

One difference I picked up on is that she's really been working on her facial expressions while dancing – moving beyond letting all that concentrating show.

Next was, originally from Brazil, Hanna Aisha. The first shot here is my favorite of her. Renoir would have wanted to paint this girl. I tried to talk Nan into doing it in something of that style, but she resists the idea of painting people.

Note the masks in the background – those faces that kept trying to trick my face/eye-recognition auto-focus. Took me a while to reach the point where I changed my way of shooting to one of allowing continuous focus, holding down the shutter half way after zeroing in on my subject, and letting the camera follow her. Just a matter of creating new shooting habits.

During the show I noticed that more than half the dancers had someone come in, hold up a phone and video the performance. A lightbulb went off – the clamp to hold a phone to the front edge of the open front door, smack dab in the middle of the aisle, is very inexpensive. Maybe next Hafla, if we can be there, I'll demonstrate how simple it would be to provide this service for all of the dancers – from a much better vantage point and managed from a remote app on my iPad Mini.