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First Hafla of the Year Final Three – Kaela, Kimala Nar and Mariza

Feb 13, 2020

Finally finishing up with the Hafla images from February 1st. The opening shot is of Kaela, mid spin. She's the one that came out with a sword on her head, the action was effective. The shot of Kaela below is something of a counter shot, pure glamour. At this point I'm sure the audience was supposed to be focused on her appropriately undulating belly, but the eyes and expression here have it.

Kimala Nar

Kimala dance to House of the Rising Sun. During her dance I stepped aside so a nice young lady could shoot a video of the whold thing – I assumed it was family. So my vantage point was such that there were no full body shots. I liked these two and vignetted them to shadow the heads in a way that works. I love the eyes open and expression on the first.


I hope Mariza doesn't mind me calling her tall, at least a head taller than me. She danced playing the "zills" (I didn't know what they were, April filled me in). I had the same problem here as with Kimala, another someone came in to shoot her video. This time I risked climbing up on a stool – making for considerably less darkening lower in the image.

Haflas aren't easy to shoot, and I don't often get what I consider good shots of everyone. In fact this is the first time for that. The dancers have full access to full size color JPGs – complete with, for example, pink faces, blue legs and even green noses. As I post this I’m updating the Hafla Album on the Blog Albums page. If any want a B&W version, for any reason, just let me know.