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Rapa Nui Journal Moments, at a Political Rally for Mayor – 2016

Feb 21, 2020

On the Island, one can't gather people together without having a grand feed on. We weere invited to go along in the parade through town and then to partake in the feast. Four of these shots were taken with the iPhone – as TIFFs because RAW wasn't as yet available (including the featured image), for the rest I borrowed Nan's poing-and-shoot – switching it from auto to RAW.. These were a lot easier to work with.

Late October 2016. The scene above is the Mayor candidate's parade arriving at the feast site. Any event that is to last long enough sees the food cooked in a hole dug in the ground, stones heated with a fire and then the food wrapped in banana leaves and buried for a couple/few hours. This was more of a barbie. We were too busy riding along and then eating and socializing for me to take many pictures. I'm surprised that I'm using so many all of them here. They will be added to the Blog Album.

The mobile sound-man getting his gear ready for the parade:

Cooking the meat:

You want fish, pick one::

A little girl eating a chicken leg:

A Young Lady posing with her child:

Maruka, the Rapanui we accompanied to the event, taking a quick respite from her busy schedule:

At one point someone came up and placed a wreath on Nan's head:

That’s my sweetie…