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A Very Up Group of Artists – Rapa Nui Journal Moment, August 2014

Mar 2, 2020

We were paying one of our regular trips to the local Museo and noticed that they had just finished setting up for an exhibit by the local art class of Down Syndrome youths in the adjacent gallery. They were all there with their teacher, who asked us if we would let them practice describing their work to us – even though we speak neither Rapanui nor much Spanish (some of these kids spoke much better English than we did Spanish). The teacher did translate. This was probably one of our favorite experiences on the Island. We recognized a couple of them, especailly the lady second from the right who could often be found at one of the markets bagging groceries for tips.

I took grab shots of a couple in front of their works. Then they posed for me as a group – all I had with me was the old iPhone that at the time shot only TIFFs, but it sufficed – barely. First I did these up completely in B&W – only to see the results as hardly fair to the subjects and their art work. So I went back and restored color to the paintings.

Reflecting on not-perfect images…

The opening shot was, inexplicably, a much smaller file – so, very difficult to get an acceptable image out of. Not that the other exposures didn't have their own issues. In cases like this I like to remind myself of something David Vestal said in the book that got me started, The Craft of Photography (a long time ago) to the effect that:

A flawed image that has something to say or tells a story is preferable to the flawless execution of an image that doesn't.

Below three of the young artists and their work:

I'm beginning to realize how important this review is to both myself and the Easter Island project. And holy crap, it's not nearly done yet.