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Flashmob Rapanui Style – A 2006 Easter Island Project Moment

Mar 23, 2020

It was a couple of months into our first year on the Island. We had gone into the town's wifi cafe to try and retrieve any email – at that point just bring them up could take twenty minutes or more if there was any volume at all. We wouldn’t have any form of internet in our cabin until well into 2007 – and that about half the speed of our 56k modem at home (we were still living out in the boonies).

We noticed some Rapanui toting drums, guitars, etc. into the street in front and setting up a circle. Within a couple of minutes a crowd had gathered and what looked like a school dance class was giving a pretty complex performance. This was 2006, tourists were still scarce, especially in mid-winter – we might actually have been the only non-residents seeing this.

Even as tourism increased, it would prove to be the winter months when the more interesting things happened, designed for local consumption – except for Tapati of course.

Once again,I didn't have my field camera with me, but took these with one of the point-and-shoots we had with us. I used Nan’s little Fuji for the stills while she used my Canon for a video – she’s like a human monopod, stable and capable of smooth movement.

Link to video: https://youtu.be/hHEscbptZzU

After about twenty minutes and a couple of long numbers, they left and everyone went back to whatever they were doing. The shot below shows the musicians who were just off to the right. Mostly we just enjoyed the show.