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Rapa Nui Catholic Church – Continuing with 2006 Easter Island Project Moments

Apr 3, 2020

In 2006 this empty street in front of the church - right there in town, was often empty like this. A decade later one would never be able to get a shot without both cars and people in it. As fascinating as the exterior is, the interior is even more unique. Again, this was 2006 and I was still shooting B&W film, so these are jpegs from our old digital point-and-shoots. 

The carvings, including the front cross, are decidedly Rapanui in concept. The item that fascinated me the most was the stand under the baptismal font - itself decorated with rongorongo symbols (old Rapanui writing that is today untranslatable). The base is a carving of Make Make, Rapanui for the “creator".




We would a couple of years later attend the christening of Roberto's newborn son here - that should be another moment record. That christening was performed by the first actual Rapanui to become a priest and be assigned to the Island.


Our best to everyone during the crisis that has us on lockdown here. This is a terrible way to be getting things accomplished that have been on hold for years.

Next week I’ll be listing my Fuji X-T2 in a set along with the battery grip, 60mm 2.4 Macro lens in place of the standard lens (never used it), an old Olympus 50mm f1.4 lens with adapter, batteries, cards & more on eBay. One reason for this is that I dont like to wear my glasses while shooting and the X-T3 has a wider range on the diopter dial than the X-T2 – and I’ll be purchasing a nother X-T3 (used) for my backup. I have to time to make this switch right now and I don’t really need the grip on my backup, etc. Plus with two of the same body all settings and usability will be in sync.