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Akivi Warrior – Easter Island Folio Image

May 12, 2020

This was originally tackled as part of an entry in the Easter Island Moments eBook I'm working on – not as a full-fledged Folio image. But as I progressed I realized that, in spite of the fact that a companion shot from the shoot is already in the Folio, as well as the first volume of The Moon has been Eaten – Akivi Leap – it was as good a choice, if not, for different reasons, better.

So in the Folio it goes – best viewed on Page 7 of the Easter Island images, by clicking on the thumbnail. That makes five in the extended section, with at least a few more in the works. Because this is something of a scenic and there's more for the eye to explore, it one works best either printed larger or, as in the Folio view, using a black background. The white on the moai is lichen, which I reduced to the same point where my eye dismissed it, unlike what the camera does. Also, this is six of the seven moai on Ahu Akivi – representing the seven explorers who brought back word of the Island to the original settlers. They are also among the smallest on the Island – and the only ones not facing inland.

As I work-up new Folio images, I'm, as a first step, creating a print file – untested and adjusted, so not quite final. This has gradually become the norm, going to digital with a Folio image before test-printing it. Coming from the world of the darkroom, I always worked the other way around. Even after moving to digital shooting and the virtual darkroom that is the computer, I pretty much worked that way. In the end It helps having been there, as working up an image with the final print always in view demands more concentration, making harder choices and reduces any temptation to cut corners or take an easy path just because when an image is reduced in size and resolution, and compromised by converting to JPG and adjusted for the internet, it might not matter all that much. Even a book image isn't as demanding as an actual origina print. Of course an added benefit is that if a print is ever needed the file is there but for the fine tuning.

Roberto, in the image, had no issues with native dress if he was performing his music, but otherwise would literally run from a camera being pointed at him. Nan and I have actually found ourselves running behind him to help block the view from a tour bus as he made a retreat. This shot was part of a long shoot, traveling around the Island to produce a body of images that he could use, with me free to mine them for my B&Ws. And, there just may be another shot or two from that project that makes the Folio this time around. I'm on a roll.

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe.