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Kari Kari – the other groupo we know members of…

May 28, 2020

Another series of performance images at slow shutter speeds. This wasn't as problematic, I could use a "blistering" 1/15 to 1/30 second shutter speed. By this time I was getting better at timing my shots for peak moments, and sometimes like in the second image, below, taking advantage of the situation. This is Mokomae  Dancer, carver and tattoo artist (he did both of ours). We don't know what it is called, but these guys have a move vibrating their knees – Nan calls it the bumblebee. Mokomae does it to the point where you're certain he's going to hurt himself. I caught it in the second shot.

The last shot is one of the Kari Kari female dancers, with the guys in the background. I was still shooting ISO 1600 for these – the Canon 5D sensor was amazing up to that, then quickly went to pot above. The bulk of the project was done at the 5D's 12.9 megapixels. It's also amazing how well those exposures held up to all the interpolation I put them through – some have been blown up to three by four feet and, held up really well.

New Easter Island images are now being added to an 8th page in the Folio - HERE.

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe.