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More Youth Parade Prep

May 21, 2020

This finishes up my review of exposures from Tapati 2007 parade preparation. The first shot, above, shows a young lady patiently getting her face painted. I love how the eyes are so focused on that brush. The second image, below, turned out to be something of a texture shot. It's the central portion of a more inclusive shot that I was just about to give up on when I noticed this – everyone/everything is coated in that heavy, irregularly applied white earth pigment. The effect is almost that of a charcoal sketch on rough paper. And the larger it's viewed the more pronounced the effect is. E.I.Folio Page 7

With this posting I'll fill up the 7th page of Easter Island Folio images, and set-up an 8th. The bulk of the new images from the project will obviously be people shots. Maybe this exercise will complete my transition from the scenics-guy to a people-guy. Hey, as long as it's B&W, I'm happy. And this keeps me working at what I love while shooting opportunities are at a minimum (ok, nonexistent).

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe.