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Pounding Mahute – Easter Island Folio Image(s)

May 15, 2020

I thought my brain was going to explode working on this image. What with bicycle, plastic bottle, guy's knee, backpacks, loose sandals, etc. When viewing a scene like this one never notices those things – eye to brain has a wonderful filter. Not so the camera. Learning to see in B&W tonal values is only the first step of many. Taking what the camera picks up and converting one's vision to reality can be a labor intensive, judgement demanding, sometimes exhausting, exercise. Obviously the knee couldn’t go, but some judicious blurrig and reduction in contrast reduced appropriately. Again, these folio images are best viewed HERE.

I always liked the shot, and finally bit the proverbial bullet. this is Halena Tuki mid mahute pounding competition – made by splitting and pounding out the stems from a bush. She is one of the two Tapati Queen candidates. She must participate in many of the competitions. She's here, along with her team, competing in making the mahute – pounding them flat, adding more via pounding, etc. That's a sheet of mahute that she's sitting on, and almost definitely mahute under the feathers on her top and bottom. As one can imagine, this was something of an all day thing – we left to get lunch and cover another event only to come back and find everyone still at it. Only looking a lot tireder.

Update: I adding the above shot from the end of the competition, just before the gathering of the final large sheets of mahute and judging. A breeze had set in off the water and Halena was wrapped in a pareau, resting what must have been pretty tired arms from wacking mahute all day. I liked the way the people in the background sort of set her off. At first this shot was going to just be a companion to others in the related "Moment" entry, but Nan thought it deserved to be added to the Folio.

Then I came a cros the shot above. Halena was, along with everyone else on her team, getting ready for the competitive parade through town. She had just stepped out of the harsh sun into the shade under the edge of a building with corregated metal siding. As I pointed the camera she looked my way. My favorite shot of her though, as Tapati Queen candidate was in The Moon has been Eaten, image below:

I've noticed that, as I've begun doing with my Havre de Grace Street images of people, if there emerges more than one shot of someone that I like, I use more than the one. This is part of a new approach to the Easter Island exposures.

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe.