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"The Passing of the Old Trees" – by Mary Woodword

May 6, 2020

An Other Peoples Art posting. We just acquired our second Mary Woodward painting – and it is wonderful. We are both so grateful for the opportunity. Of course it was delivered to our porch, where it was thoroughly disinfeccted – just in case. These are rough times. Mary was an institution and a force to be reckoned with in this County until she passed a few years back. I know a number of people, mostly artists, who are today who they are partly because of Mary. I learned a lot from her – and she was the always-present, consulting and driving force behind my seven years of running the ArtQuest show (OK, she and Jim Hopkins together sort of made me do it).

When Mary was clearing out her studio she gave Nan her easel and let her choose a painting. It hangs in our livingroom – After Glow • 1987 • mixed media • 17x23 on 23x29 (oops, I caught some reflections on the glass on this iPhone shot):

Then there's this little 4x6.5 watercolor of Mary by Mary Klunk I have hanging on the wall over the desk in my studio:

The new painting, The Passing of the Old Trees, is mixed-media on wood, about 16x16 inches. The frame is wider than shown, but I decided to crop it for here. We hang it upstairs, by itself, at the end of the hall where it turns. That way no one can miss it coming up the stairs. The side wall leading up to it helps set it off because Nan has three of my B&Ws there.

As we get older the list of people we truely miss grows longer. Mary is on that list. And being able to hang a piece of their art, a piece of them, especially one like this, is a way to keep them around. We find that works much better for us than mere photographs of people.