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Young Warriors Getting Ready for the Parade

May 18, 2020

Easter Island Folio additions… The grand Tapati Rapanui parade is actually part of the competition for Tapati Queen. Each side is awarded points for their floats, etc. Every participant is evaluated and awarded points for dress, paint, etc.. Parade prep is something of a madhouse, especially the areas set aside for each candidate's body painting. These two shots were taken in 2007. The first one was a bit (insanely) tricky. There was a little girl behind the larger boy – all you could see was one leg between his and half her head sticking out of the back of his. Heck, I didn't even notice her back then when taking the shot. Sure, software has gotten better at removing unwanted objects and people, but not so much when not isolated at all.

The second shot was very much in the harsh, bright sun. As far as the adults visible in the two images goes – on the Island one very quickly gets used to the more relaxed attitude towards different stages of undress, especially during cultural festivals.

NOTE: it helped to do a review of what was and wasn’t in the Island Folio section – I found a couple that were missed and corrected that. I can’t believe I had left out the Vivi triptich. Very soon I’ll fill up page 7 and will have to initiate a page 8. This is kinda fun.

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe.