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Youth Pora Race About to Begin

May 9, 2020

Tapati Rapanui 2007. These young men are wating for the adults to finish up their competition – then they will throw their pora into the water and swim out to the boats that mark the starting line for the race to shore. Pora are bundled reed swimming floats for long range swimming, especially in the ocean. This is the same stuff that the reed boats are made from. Pora do float, albeit very low in the water – and they are heavy, much heavier than they look. The ribbons on their ankles mark the Tapati Queen candidate that they are competing for – thise guys are all on the same team.

Tapati lasts for two weeks, with multiple competitions daily. It's sort of like the Olympics, impossible to cover it all. We did most, and found it exhausting – Nan would occasionally opt out on the first early-morning outing. And while there was always something of a crowd, it was notably lacking in anyone other than Rapanui.

These are being added to the Easter Island Folio section (Page 7) they can be best viewed, along with print specifics. This exposure was actually make with a backup camera, hence a JPG exposure. File work therefore was something of a prodigious effort and maximum print size is something like 12x16 – I always process for print file first (even if it might or will never go to print). Folio Page. – just click on thumbnail(s).

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe.