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A Couple of "Street" Views – on the Island of course

Jun 18, 2020

Even though I was not concentrating at all on what one would have to call "street photography" while on the Island, occasionally I would swing my camera up to capture something interesting. Some of these were taken with a point-and-shoot or even my iPhone. On the main street in town you can simetimes find a short walkway to a couple of side-facing shops. By the way, there was no roof above this one. There was something fascinating about it, with the mannequin out front. It could almost be a mall store here at home.

The second shot spotlights the poster on the outside window of another little clothing store along the main drag in town. Someone brought back for them a Victoria's Secred bikini, direct from the U.S. The store itself is acttually pretty nice on the inside. That table just inside the window is something of a work-table.

The Island is slightly less isolated now that it was in 2006 through say 2012. We loved to cruise some of the little shops that cropped up, sometimes for a short period of time. Once we came across one of those little glass bottles of pure maple syrup, the ones with a little handle on them that cost eight to ten dollars here in the states. It had a price on it that, converted from pesos, came to $36. Two days later, it was gone – we regretted not getting it.

The final shot here is one I was ambiguous about. It’s an early iPhone jpeg, low resolution, shot in harsh lighting far beyond its range, At the same time I like the composition and the poster, while typical imaging for Polynesia, would not even occur to anyone here. And it couldn’t be printed very large at all. These three images, not scenics, not people, nevertheless help capture a very transitory time on the Island.

Next posting – some random portraits.

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe...