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Finishing up the Review of 2007 Island Images

Jun 8, 2020

Three miscelaneous images to finish up my review of images from Easter Island 2007. Next… on to a review of 2008. The opening shot, Sugar Cane Break was a nightmare to work on – I don't even want to count the ways. Suffice it to say, it took the better part of three days. One reason it simply had to wait until now.

We were hiking along on the far end of the Island, and in 2007 one could go the entire day seeing or meeting no one. We ran across these guys taking a break from whatever they were doing to chew on some sugar cane growing in one of the old manavai structures – walled in planting areas. It seems the rock wall served two functions other than simply coralling the garden, reducing salt spray from the sea and absorbing moisture at night for leaking it out during the day. Of course they showed us how to break open pieces of sugar cane and partake of the sweetness. It was an unexpected and fun break for lunch.

The second shot is of Roberto and his guitar. We had had to abandon the project in October of 2006 for me to have an emergency operation. When we arrived back in January of 2007 to complete the year-long stay, Roberto welcomed us with a rendition of Blowin' in the Wind in Rapanui, English and Spanish. Here is a link to the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVjvGeP5DbQ

The final shot is of Luis (stress on the second syllable). Louis is one of the premier Rapa Nui wood carvers. He specializes in high-end recreations of the hundreds of old carvings in museums around the world – very few remain on the Island. Strikingly, his pieces are sealed and finished beautifully, in such a way as to not be susceptible to the cracking, etc. issues of the originals and most carvings today. They were simply rubbed very hard with smooth sea shells – creating a smooth, finished look. He seems to have connections in Europe where he makes a lot of his sales. While we bought a lot of carvings by Rapanui, his were always out of our range. He was always a great source of information however.

This exposure was another of what I call my problem children. Louis was working in a small rented room with an absolutely horrid, distracting background. So i eliminated it and vignetted, erasing any effect on him. Now, already working up the next few postings for 2008/2009.

Again, all of the new Island folio shots can be found on pages 7&8 of the Easter Island Folio section on this site – LINK.

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe...