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"Pan" and Fish

Jun 22, 2020

The opening image is a personal shot to introduce the first of the two new Folio images below, Best Darn Baker in Hanga Roa. Nan took the shot of me as we emerged from our favorite little panaria in Hanga Roa. These four-part rolls are ubiquitous on the Island, and fantastic when bitten into still warm. You can tell from the background that it is a dreary, rainy day. Hmm, if these additions ever amount to a third volume book, this coule make for a good shot of me to use inside the jacket…

The fellow below gets our vote for best baker on the Island. Here he responds to my raising my iPhone at him. Bread was baked fresh daily, and could get stale very fast. The exposure was made by an old 8 megapixel iPhone, but fortunately in TIFF format, so I managed to get something out of it. Interestingly, Nan's point-and-shoot was shooting TIFFs too at this point but had a higher resolution, for better job on her grab shot of me. Go figure.

The second shot was taken on the older iPhone, but jpeg, of course. And then I had to crop it. On top of that the paper towel that Eddie Tuki's wife is holding in her hand was twice as large as here, the now-missing part being struck by the sun and irretrievably blocked out. No auto-fixit for that one – I had to carefully remove that part and replace some of the sidewalk bricks myself, the hard way – a two cups of coffee effort.

We loved to hit the morning market in town, never knowing what offerings there might be. Everything from a glorious mixture of fresh vegetables to the back of a pickup offering machete-cut chunks of beef (no butcher cuts here). Unless the water was awfully rough, there would probably be someone offering their early morning catch. This looked like Eddie had a pretty good run. After purchase, fish are usually gutted and thrown on the fire, to be served as is – we've picked the meat off many a fish that way. The first time Nan looked down at her plate and saw the fish looking back at her, she did balk a little.

Eddie and his wife were "Rapanui Couple" in The Moon has been Eaten, where they were participating in the Tapati 2007 food preparation competition:

I've come to realize that, in general, people don't respond to an iPhone being aimed at them the same as a camera – they are much more likely to strike a quick pose and enjoy the process. This is why now I've always got mine with me, 12 megapixels and using third party camera apps that shoot RAW. This way it can create pretty darn good b&w-capable exposures where a big hulking camera might be overkill for the situation.

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe...