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Three from Tapati Rapanui 2007

Jun 1, 2020

The Spear Throwing competition in Tapati consists of throwing home-made spears, with obsidian points, aimed at a banana tree trunk set at a pretty good distance. My aim was to try and catch the form leading up to release. This guy seemed to embody it all. Again this was 2007, so a minimum of the spectators were other than Rapanui.

Below is a young lady in the early stages of a basket-weaving competition, separating the weaving material.  

Finally, here is Roberto in white earth pigment and soot atop one of the parade Moai, celebrating as the parade winds to a halt on the street above the outdoor theater area. It’s already dark and stage performances are about to begin.

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe.