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Three Portrait Shots – without names at this point

Jun 25, 2020

Wow, into page nine of folio images from the Island. For a project where the original goal was forty to fifty images, that seems incredible. There are three more portraits here, the kind I prefer to do where I roam around either catching people unawares or right at the point of becoming aware that my camera is pointed at them. I like to hold the shutter down for a series of three or four exposures, making sure I catch the moment (oops, these were added to the Folio a coupld of postings early).

I'm really happy with all three of these. The lady in the intro shot, no matter what she was doing, seemed to be smiling. The only reason she wasn't in the second volume of The Moon has been Eaten is that I couldn't seem to be able to get a name. I'll try again.

 Note on the intro image:

I don’t usually say much about specifics in the worflow about an image unless someone asks. But I will with this one. Something I didn’t notice until I got into working the exposure into a b&W – the array of fly-away hairs on her forehead (big wind is the norm on the Island). It was lunch time before I finished removing them. Another great example of something that the appreciative eye dismisses while the camera can’t:

The second portriat is of a lady gracing the opening Tapati 2008 opening celebration, where a larger number than usual of the older generation attended, many dressed up – I love the retro hat:

The final image is just an Island couple oblivious to everyone else, including me and my camera. I have a couple of typical Rapanui necklaces, but I would very much love to have the stone fish-hook he is wearing.

I'll have to, at some point, contact someone we know to not only get names, but to see if any of these people want me to send prints (the best way to accomplish that is to wait until we find someone traveling to the states and give/send the prints to them to take back). These have been added to Page 9 of the Easter Island folio.

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe...