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Works in Progress – in Havre de Grace

Jun 28, 2020

I took my camera out today to where all the wall paintings are going up downtown. Two of them were actively works in progress, so I thought I’d see what I could do with that. What I noticed, with the cloudy, flat lighting, was that the artists at work looked (to me anyway) as if they were part of the paintings. I knew that the effect would be accentuated by conversion to b&w. In both cases here it’s interestingly difficult separate the real-live from the art. And – these are quite high resolution images, with little limit on how large they can be printed.

Another oddity is the proportions of the images. Both resisted all of my attempts at cropping whatsoever – making for very elongated images. Both images are being added to the Havre de Grace Street 2020 Album on the Blog Albums page.


One thing that helps in dealing with lockdown is an occasional new toy, not that they can't sometimes also be useful tools. I have two, both very, very cheap. The first is a simple lens reversal ring for my normal lens – fitting the lens on the camera with this allows incredibly close-up macro work. Much closer than a normal macro lens. Sure, you have to work in manual mode, and be very careful with the lens, but there are occasions when this could be handy. Now I just have to find something worthy of b&w up that close. The second item is called UURIG. Cameras with swing out viewers have no problem turning around the viewer so the photographer can film himself vlogging, etc. But I much, much prefer my swing down, up, etc. screens, their only weakness being that they just won’t do that. This little gadget is the solution – it slides into the flash slot and provides a reflected view of the screen. Of course it might be a while until I need this, but I can still play with it.

Everyone please stay safe – and, more importantly, help keep everyone else safe...