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Continuing with the Island Portraits - two of them in the name hunt

Jul 6, 2020

The first image in this set, above, is of something I chased fruitlessly for a good while, almost giving up because it's almost impossible to catch the eyes when someone is wearing one of these things. They appear very practical for keeping a brutal sun off one's head, especially if one has to work for an extended period of time in the open. So when I caught this guy, attending one of the Tapati 2008 sports competitions, I knew I could quit my search.

Update: Goodness, it’s Xetro (pronounced Jethro). He became our next door neighbor during our stays beginning 2009. Xetro Tuki – he had been living on the mainland for a couple of years and finally decided to return to Island life. We just heard from Terry that he saw it and likes how sexy he looks. Cool.

The image below is also from Tapati Rapanui 2008. Antonia Pate Niara, a friend and mother of one of the Tapati Queen candidates. She was attending one of the competitions, sitting in mixed sun and shade – I caught her looking at some activity on the higher rocks off to the side. There's another shot of Antonia in Volume II of The Moon has been Eaten, taking a break from a mat-weaving competition where she was a contestant.

The final image here is Antonia, acctually a second shot of her, mother of Tapati Queen Candidtate Viviana, resting during one of the competitions she was entered in.

Now added to page 9 of the Easter Island folio – HERE. Check that and page 8 out for all of the “new” Island images recently added…

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