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Papas Makona – I interrupt this b&w blog with a color image

Jul 26, 2020

– because it has been four years since we've eaten one of these and I really, really, really want one. It's a Papas Makona, a dish served by our favorite little cafe in Hanga Roa on Easter Island. The plate is so full that it's all Nan and I can do to finish one between us – and it pairs with beer magnificently (on the Island – Escudo).

The recipe is pretty obvious from the picture: french fries, baby shrimp (always frozen on the Island), diced tomatoes, green onions and a light white sause. This is Makona's signiture dish, as in the name of the place is Cafe Makonamakone being the Rapanui word for "full". Papas is just Spanish for potatoes. 

So, during this lockdown, we're gonna try and put this toghether ourselves – and challenge anyone and everyone else to do the same.  We guarantee it will be one of the best taste combinations you will ever experience. Just follow the picture – and for some reason, the beer is an important addition. Below is a b&w of Nan and a friend at Cafe Makona. In the background on the left are the owner/chef Alexandra (the x pronounced like an h) and our friend Roberto who did a lot of the heavy work. Alexandra was formally trained as a chef on the mainland, and came up with some innovative recipes. Her sauce for dipping deep-fried slices of varieties of sweet potato types in is to die for (the red skinned, white inside variety that we can get here now are my favorite). Last time we checked she still has the cafe – in spite of losing Roberto a little over a year later.

Look at the bottom edge of the image and you can see that the place sits right on the edge of the brick sidewalk. Great place to sit, eat great food, enjoy good company and watch the girls/people of Hanga Roa walk by:

Not an actual Folio image, but destined to be included in the Moments collection. Below is the color exposure – Nan wanted be to include it here, insisting that since I showed the food in color that I couldn’t refuse to show the restaurant. Enjoying the opportunity to put a color image and b&w finished file side by side, and not enoying the potential of many lumps on my head, I decided to run with it.

So – a challenge – anyone else want to try the Papas Makona recipe, let me know how it works out?