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School Day and a couple of youth close-ups

Jul 16, 2020

We’ve been fortunate to be on Island for a number of School Day events. Every class, every grade pulls out all the stops for their booth or performance. The intro image is a panorama of great faces that I’m adding to the Easter Island folio – a bright sunny day on the outdoor, sandy staging area the youngest of the young ladies of the Island were setting up to do their dance. Everyone is there, parents and siblings are taking pictures, etc. I remember just standing there with the shutter held down for a couple of sequences of a half dozen or more shots. Recently I went through them – this one takes the prize for having one fantastic array of expressions telling the story. When this additional series of Island images makes a book, this will definitely be a two-page spread.

Below is another shot of a young lady in Takona. Helga wanted another shot for her magazine, MoeVarua – she got the color version and I made my b&W. When I did portrait shots for Helga, I never knew if she’s use them as they were taken or reverse them to work better on the cover.

The image below was a shot I grabbed of a friend of Maruka’s holding his little girl. For some reason her face gave me something I’ve been trying to gibure out for a while, the subtitle for the third volume of The Moon has been Eaten – obviously with a concentration on faces. That should be quite a few more images than appeared in the second volume. My only excuse is that up to a certain point I seem to have had tunnel-vision as to what I thought I was looking for and simply needed to remove my blinders in order to see all the potential there. I’m really enjoying this expansion of the folio.

These have been added to page 9 of the Island folio – HERE. And continuing with the issue of a shortage on names at this point…