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Tapati Rapanui Youth Horse Race, with a couple of stage images

Jul 9, 2020

Argh, the horse racing image was a quick grab shot with a point-and-shoot, and a jpeg to boot – it was either that or miss it because I just wasn’t ready for it. I actually like it better than anything else I took at that particualr Tapati Rapanui 2008 competition with my SLR. It works best at maximum print size, 12x16 where the flying clumps of dirt really show up. Not to mention the faces in the crowd. Sometimes, with one’s own images, one will grow on you the more you look at it – this is one of those for me.

The fellow below began as one of the dancers on the outdooe Tapati stage, moving forward to start a fire, right there in the sand floor – I like the shot even though the fire is hidden by the grasses. He has the coolest Make Make painted on his chest.

Below is one of the competitors in the Takona recitation, where they display and explain aspects of the body painting (not all wore tops). I loved this girl’s positioning relative to the Ggiant face painted on the stage backdrop.

Now added to page 8 of the Easter Island folio – HERE.…