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Havre de Grace Gets a Folio Section Here – it's about time…

Aug 10, 2020

Folios are made up of my favorite images from projects, print-ready images. This process was pretty clear cut for past projects, as long as my work was focused on the grand scenic, with any images involving people being within that theme. My Havre de Grace project reversed that. People are the focus, leaving any scenic work as falling loosely within that theme. This creates "issues" both in classifying images (sub-folios) and providing availability. For this reason I am just now far enough along to create Folio pages here for my Havre de Grace images. It feels long overdue.

Ultimatesly this is by far my largest project, at least as far as results. In creating Folio listings for the project I'm putting my favorites front and center. This will make access to images much simpler and usable. At the seme time I will continue expanding the PDF Blog Albums that contain a complete record of project images – a considerable number of which may have uses other than exhibit, etc., any of wihich can be provided on request.

The process has begun, and may take a little while to complete. The Folio is divided into sub-folios by category, accessable by clicking on either “FOLIOS” at the top of the Home Page or “Havre de Grace" just below the banner image.  When we moved into town from the outskirts, and simultaneously the town began really coming alive, I had no idea how hugely this project would evolve. The hopefully short break we are presently in gives me an opportunity to review, evaluate and organize things. The Moonshine Hafla page, thumbnail grid shown here, was the first finished. Hopefully it will be able to be expanded – eventually.

Anyone who needs/wants to will be able to review the images easily and at will now – click on any and go through the slide show. There will also be with links to full posting PDFs in case they want to view everything. I will be working on the other sections as I can. As always with any of my projects, small (approximately 6x9) originals, matted 8x10, can be had by any subject on request (anything larger would be heavily discounted).

* Access on the Home Page by either clicking on FOLIOS across the top or selecting the folio desired from the list across under the banner image.