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More Easter Island Additions – a couple of Roberto Pakomio Shots

Aug 27, 2020

I'm fast reaching the point with the Easter Island review where I'm in the vast gray area of not-so-sure's. A number of my shots of Roberto fall in this category, complicated by the fact that he's gone. For example: there's one that I feel that I should ask about first and can't, so, as much as I like the image, I'm electing to leave it out. I'm adding these two to the Folio though. The intro shot is new. Roberto, ever the daredevil, asked me to photograph him leaping from this overhang into the far-too rocky open cave far too far below. Being that all I could see ahead was broken legs and/or head, I had to tell hime that if he jumped I would not shoot. So he settled for a leap across the length of the natural bridge that spans the cave. This is meant to be printed large for the detail - the folio view (page 9) gives a little better view.

The next shot, above, is of Roberto's grave, taken over a year after he died. His bandana is still there, along with some additions. I posted the color version at the time – it's an iPhone shot, but a TIFF so It wasn't impossible to do something with it.

Working up a coupld/few more of these, while I contemplate where exactly I'm going with these in the way of a third book, etc.