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More Folio Expansion – Hafla Images added

Aug 30, 2020

With this posting I'm adding the intro image to the Hafla folio, belly dancer Maimah Loren. It's an image that I didn't post in January, awaiting a major fix-it. What with the constantly changing lighting, spectator heads and legs, etc. that happens a lot. I’m also now including another shot of Maimah, along with upgraded images of three others.

I want to represent in the folio as many of the performers in the folio as possible. I do get excited when a dancer who has appeared before comes back – it ups the chances of getting the one shot I want. The three dancers below, who were featured in blogs at the time, are in order – Hanna Aisha, Kimala Nar and Mariza:


This should complete my pre-pandemic exhibit of images from the Moonshine Haflas at the Opera House here in Havre de Grace. It's been interesting watching the progress of some of them as they not only get better, but become comfortable enough to not let the effort show in their expressions. As always, I hope the ladies represented are happy with the results.

As always, the images always look a little more detailed and impressive in the folio slide show: HERE for these. Here's hoping that when things get back to normal the Hafla comes back to the Opera House.