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Snow Scene in August – works for me…

Aug 4, 2020

I'll get back to the Easter Island Folio additions soon, but I have a few backed up, unrelated postings to catch up on first. I was printing up a (color) snow scene Nan had me shoot for her – something to use as a starting point for a new painting – and came up with these two images for me in b&w. Two street corner views of Havre de Grace in an evening snow storm. They capture a little bit of the feeling of our town around the Christmas holidays. I keep telling Nan that she’d “better” have her painting ready for a Christmas card this year (telling Nan that she’s “better” is akin to poking a bear in his cave). I added that if not, I just might have to do b&w Christmas cards this time around. 

I simply call these Havre de Grace Street Corners in the snow #1 and #2. Second one below:

I keep meaning to make an effort to expand my collection of Havre de Grace scenics, but find that I'm so much more interested in the street and performance stuff any more. And yes, it's even more snowy scenes, ouch. At about 12x16 (or larger) the large falling snowflakes bring these two images to life. Good thing, 12x16 on 16x20 is about as far up as I can go during lockdown as far as mounting/matting. I’ll be doing up #1 for RiverView soon.

Next posting is a little Other People’s Art thing – I love doing those.