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Double Takes from Independence Day Festival

Jul 28, 2021

Again, I was quite out of it that weekend, but even after shooting First Friday, I went out the next day to see if I could find anything worth noting. Here are three scenes that gave mw whiplash, Havre de Gracians letting it all hang out. I admit that I shouldn’t talk – one of the local radio stations was set up on a side road and at one point played “Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer” and I found myself twisting away in the middle of the street with two strangers (ladies). While we were at it we found ourselves joking about how we used to be able to twist all the way down and jump back up.

The opening shot got not only my attention, check out some of the faces on the sidelines.

The town had a number of “characters” roaming the streets – all more caricature thna imitation. Even Lucy from "I Love Lucy" was there. But Marilyn and Elvis were the real eye-catchers – gotta be my favorite image from the day. This town definitely has charm.

Last, but hardly least, I passed a booth manned by one of our city's council members David Martin – I assume reliving his younger years. 

Added to the folio HERE (as I create a new page to handle some more 2021 events) where they appear a little larger and are downloadable.