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Building a Wall

and Clownig Around

As I mentionde last time, most of the images I have of Roberto were more along the line of personal snapshots. But, like with my family pictures when the kids were growing up, they still end up as b&w's.

I actually took a series of shots of Roberto building this wall, from when the rocks were unceremoniously dumped at the site to the very impressive finished product. A friend was planning to return to the Island after a long absence and Roberto was determined to single handedly consturct a front wall and gateway.

Walls and sturctures built this way dot the Island, many of them hundreds of years old. The stone is particularly good for this partly because it is jagged and sharp volcanic tuff all around – making for excellent contact and hold.

The other two images below are simply roberto being Roberto. In the first, he's walking downtowm and decides to jokingly pose in the middle of the street, showing off his hair.

The final image was taken at the tail end of the Tapati 3008 parade, after dark with a lot of dancing in the street to the music coming off the outdoor stage. Here a young tourist came up and wanted to take part in the dancing. We noted that Roberto was extremely careful to avoid any actual contact, while at the same time setting up the scene for someone she had with her taking pictures.

Final Trio of Roberto Pakoio Images

You are missed…

The featured image is possibly the worst quality image we have of Roberto, but also possibly the last. I took it with an old iPhone 4 as we ate our last meal of the trip at Cafe Makona, run by Alexandra, posing here with Roberto. They were by this point a couple, and Roberto was instrumental in creating tables for the Cafe, painting, etc.

It seems Cafe Makona is still open, and being managed by Alexandra. Good thing, it's some of the best food and atmosphere on the Island. We would sit outside eating either deep fried white sweet potato slices dipped in sweet and sour sauce or Papas Makona, sipping Escudos and watching. We do miss that.

In the second shot Roberto had just finished and hung a huge hand carved sign for the couple here, cousins of his. I do't think we ever knew a time when he wasn't making or building something for someone, painting decorative interiors, or writing music for his next CD.

In this final Image Roberto and Jacobo Hey (judge and ex governor of the Island) are playing guitars together