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Easter Island ~ Rapa Nui ~ Isla de Pascua (2006-2016)

              Easter Island ~ Isla de Pascua ~ Rapa Nui  ~ Land of the giant statues… . This series of images is the result of over a year on the most isolated island on the planet, followed by repeated visits over the following decade. Click on thumbnails for a larger view. Created as full-size exhibit pieces, the first 98, included here, can now be found in my book The Moon has Been Eaten. The next 53 are featured in Volume II, More images from Easter Island. iPad optimized PDF versions of both volumes of the book are downloadable free on my BOOKS page. The third grouping is for images not in either book – they will be soon.

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The Moon has been Eaten

images from a year on Easter Island

The Moon has been Eaten II

more images from Easter Island

REVIEW of Easter Island project exposures with something of an evolving perspective and a new book in mind…

Requested Image Groupings from collections