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* Anyone who finds themselves or immediate family "featured" in one of these can have a copy sized 6.6x8.5 mounted and matted 8x10 – free this is a community project. Contact me about any additional copies or if you are other than the subject (kids shots are available for family members only)

A lot of these are already in the IF YOU SEE YOURSELF OR IMMEDIATE FAMILY TAKE IT box at RiverView Gallery in town. If you can, check there first and just tell Tamara who you are when you take yours. Otherwise, simply email me so I can arrange for it to be picked up.

Check out RiverView Gallery for my regular work, including  framed, larger size versions of some of these images.

See About the Images page for pricing, etc.

Wilde Window Portraits

iPhone series 2018 / 2019

PDFs joining related postings, minus some non-related elements

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Rogue Swan

Vaudeville - May


Havre de Grace Street 2019

Ice Festival, Mardi Gras, First Fridays, Pride Day…

Havre de Grace Street 2018

First Fridays, Christmas Parade, Pirate Fest…

Local Theater  2017-2018

Virginia Wolf, Rogue Swam, Wind Up Toy, Duke Thompson…

Havre de Grace Street 2017

First Fridays, Mardi Gras, Christmas Parade…



(more postings to be added)

Moonshine Haflas


iPad and  reader optimized eBook PDFs

The Strange Case of Rogue Swan project 2019

Havre de Grace Street 2020…