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The Long Slow Demise of The Art Show Continues2016

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall A culture of appreciating, buying and displaying art begins within the art community itself and spreads from there. If artists don't appreciate the work of other artists enough to buy it, there's no model, stimulus or reason for anyone else to buy art either…2015

In Defense of Digital Books All change has loss and gain. When the gains outweigh the losses, one can choose to live in the past, join the minions of heel-draggers in fighting a losing battle or GET OVER IT and get on with living… 2014

Just Asking  A Dozen Simple Questions for Artists … 2013

The Outdoor Art ShowA History of Insult and Injury…2013

The Rants below are now in the Archive PDF:  Blog Postings 2013 thru 2016.PDF

The Rants below are now in the Archive PDF:  Blog Postings 2017 & 2018.PDF

I Just Don't Understand… – in First Friday in June 2018

Color photography feeds the emotions, B&W is food for mind and soul. – in Unified Jazz Ensemble at the Opera House June 2018

Art Arithmetic 101Nan's reaction, though she couldn't agree more: "Oh Lord, Another Soapbox Rant"

April 2018

A Big Giant Raspberrya short rant in response the the question: why B&W… Monday May 22 2017

Virtual vs Real Art – A Caution… meh or yay? – A short note on why one should not draw any conclusions from viewing art, in any medium, on the internet… In Island Flower and BeeMonday Feb 6 2017