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This is an index of Blog entries documenting our acquisitions since 2012 when I began this, and/or an occasional exhibition review. We had not noticed how much of a "collector's" effort it has become. Good thing neither one of us collects anything else.

Other People's ART

Wednesday May 6 2020 • Mary Woodward painting in "The Passing of the Old Trees"

Blog Entries Below Now in 2019 PDF:

Friday Aug. 30 2019 • Ezra Berger painting in Other People's Art and Ezra Berger Painting #2

Sunday Aug. 18 2019 • Ezra Berger painting in Yay, We Purchase a Painting

Monday June 24 2019 • Annegarn Diving Bowl in Annegarn "Diving Bowl" – Resistance is Futile

Tuesday June 4 2019 • Carrie Bowl in April Monique's Sword Dance

Monday June 3 2019 • One More to our Maria Annegarn Collection

Sunday May 5 2019Rembrandt, Lloyd Kline, Myself and Nan

Friday March 22 2019 • Pam Wilde – in Hi There Bob

Tuesday February 5 2019 • Maria Annegarn – in What I got Nan for Valentine's Day

Tuesday February 5 2019 • Maria Annegarn – in "Still Waiting" – An Other People's Art Piece

Blog Entries Below Now in 2017-2018 PDF:

Sunday December 9 2018 • Lynn Klara and Catherine Jones – in HCC Pottery Sale

Monday August 20 2018 • Norris Ceramics piece – in The Weather Complimented the Show – Torturous

Tuesday July 3 2018 • Annegarn piece – in A Visit to the Les Picker B&W Exhibit

Thursday May 24 2018 • Aaron Morse E.I. Candle – in Upcoming Easter Island Presentation

Monday Oct 2 2017 • LyonClay and Annegarn – in Zipper Spider

Tuesday Aug 15 2017 • Caron Sisko Our Eldest' Third Childrens Book

Monday May 22 2017 • Dave Hardell bicycle gear clock in A Big Giant Raspberry

Monday Mar 27 2017 • Buczacky Garden Mushroom in First Warm Day in March Stroll into Town

Monday Mar 20 2017 • Our Annegarn Peoples Array in First of the New Folio Pages Done

Thursday Mar 2 2017 Nancraigart site update

Blog Entries Below Now in 2013-2016 PDF:

Monday Aug 29 2016 • "Ripple" Bowl by Mark Han Poole

Monday Aug 8 2016 LyonClay Blue Mug Phenomenon, And an old John Kendall watercolor

Monday July 18 2016 Hug a Horse - Marianne Johnston

Monday June 27 2016 Buczacky Bowl and a Small Find

Wednesday June 1 2016 Dave DeRan, Maria Annegarn, Aaron Morse, Nan Craig

Monday April 26 2016 Earthline: a 30 year anthology by Bob Chance

Monday Dec 14 2015Christmas Card 2015 and More Other People's Art

Monday Nov 2, 2015  Adding to our Annegarn Chair and Bench People Collection, a Jonathan West Opening

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015 Matching Tea Cups – Sort of… Potter Virginia Cobler

Thursday Sep 24, 2015 • Dave DeRan Open House Sep 2015 – and a Neat Annegarn Pick-up…

Thursday Aug 27, 2015 Marcia Gayle Snee RattleHeads Sometimes art is whimsical…

Sunday May 24, 2015 Dave DeRan's Spring Open House

Friday May 1, 2015 We Got Annegarn Chair Ladies

Sunday Feb 22, 2015 Update on Nan's Puzzled Art   and where else this might lead me…

Sunday Feb 8 2015 • Nan Craig Art Puzzle – Wow

Sunday Jan 4 2015 A ClayMonster Christmas

Thursday Dec 25 2014 "SLIM"our baby writes a book

Saturday Dec 20 2014 Lyon Clay 29th Annual Christmas Open Studio

Tuesday Nov 11 2014 Harford Day Show Purchases Chris McIntyre Glass • Sonya Meeker Clay • Lyon Clay Vase…

Sunday, August 17, 2014 An Unexpected Addition to our Pear Collection From M.J. Emmons.

Thursday, July 31, 2014 Picking up an old Lyon Clay Vase… A 1999  vase at a local antique shop for a song.

Sunday, June 20, 2014 An Annegarn and a Meghan Bergman  Two in the clay category.

Monday, April 28, 2014 A DeRan, a Buczacky and an Embree Three over the past couple to few weeks

Saturday, January 18, 2014 Buczacky Mug  This is just too cool.

Tuesday, Decenmber 24, 2013 Tripple Play: Nancy Craig, Dave DeRan and Lyon Clay

Sunday, Decenmber 8, 2013 Annegarn's Sad Christmas Lady   We have a number of Annegarn pieces.

Wednesday, November 19, 2013 Hussein Saidi's “Jazz on the Avenue   RiverView Gallery

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 Sherri Robbins’ “Good ‘n Plenty”   Art is art, and performance art …

Thursday, October 31, 2013 Annegarn Lady  Maria Annegarn creates unique figures

Monday, October 7, 2013 Lyon Clay "saggar fired" piece When Paul started experimenting with “saggar fired” work.

Saturday, Sept, 21, 2013 ClayMonster Cookie Jar

Dec 12, 2012 Lyon and Annegarn Pieces